Construction completed for 300 MW compressed air energy storage in China

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Zhongchu Guoneng Technology Co., Ltd. (ZCGN) has finished constructing a 300 MW compressed air energy storage (CAES) facility in Feicheng, located in China's Shandong province.

This innovative system incorporates a multi-stage wide-load compressor, high-load turbine expander, high-efficiency supercritical heat exchanger technology, and integrated control technology. The primary purpose of this facility is to provide crucial power regulation functions to the Shandong provincial power grid. These include peak shaving, frequency stabilization, phase shifting, and standby power.

With a total investment of $207.8 million, the facility covers an area of approximately 100,000 m2 and boasts an impressive energy storage capacity of 300 MW/1,800 MWh. During periods of peak consumption, it can reliably provide continuous power discharge for up to six hours to support the electricity needs of 200,000 to 300,000 local homes. Moreover, this CAES facility is estimated to generate around 600 TWh of electricity annually and is expected to save approximately 189,000 tons of standard coal consumption while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 490,000 tons per year.

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