About us

Aninver Development Partners in Málaga, Spain - is a global market intelligence and business consulting group.

We are an innovative and dynamic company immersed in a rapid growth phase through assignments with top private and public clients in different countries across the world.

Aninver Development Partners Málaga operates two main lines of business:

Advisory Services

Aninver Development Partners Málaga brings a great mix of skills and capabilities and has relevant experience on advisory projects in developed and emerging economies.

Our firm is a management consulting and transaction advisory firm with expertise in Infrastructure, Public Private Partnerships, Tourism, Energy and Development on a global scale. We work for public authorities and governments, multilateral institutions and private clients around the world in different kinds of consulting assignments.

Online business

We develop sector-focused online market intelligence platforms where subscribers can get valuable information, such as daily news, databases of projects, M&A transactions, funds, institutional investors, companies and job offers.

Through these platforms we aggregate, elaborate and distribute specialized knowledge. We differentiate from other editorial groups because we are also business consultants operating in those sectors.

Our Online Business includes the following market intelligence platforms