GE, Svante sign joint development for carbon capture tech

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GE Gas Power, a unit of General Electric, has partnered with Svante to develop solid sorbent-based carbon capture technology for applications in natural gas power generation. The collaboration will see GE Gas Power evaluate and develop Svante's novel carbon capture filters, which use solid adsorbents to capture carbon dioxide emissions at various industries, including cement, steel, aluminum, and more. The technology can help prevent carbon dioxide emissions from reaching the atmosphere and assist in the global transition to cleaner energy.

As part of its efforts to drive sustainability and reduce emissions, General Electric has also invested in Svante's U.S. $318-million Series E fundraising round in December 2022. The joint development agreement (JDA) between GE Gas Power and Svante is expected to focus on the commercialization and development of novel solid sorbent technologies that can reduce emissions from natural gas-fired turbines in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.

The development of solid sorbent-based carbon capture technology holds enormous potential for making large-scale carbon capture viable and effective, thus bringing us closer towards achieving a net-zero carbon future.

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