30 MW Salzgitter wind hydrogen project starts operation in Lower Saxony

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30 MW Salzgitter wind hydrogen project has been commissioned in Germany with the presentation of newly constructed facilities to the public on March 11, in Salzgitter.

The project involves the development of a 30 MW wind hydrogen installation facility in Salzgitter, Germany that generates hydrogen through electrolysis and electricity from wind power. The hydrogen produced using renewables will be utilized in processes connected to the smelting of iron ore.

Located on premises of the Salzgitter Group, the facility consists of seven wind turbines with an output of 30 MW and two Siemens 1.25 MW PEM electrolysis units with a generation capacity of up to 450 cubic meters of high-purity hydrogen per hour. The project's total cost is around EUR50 million (US$59.6 million). 

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