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The main objectives of the Foundation Course are to introduce the PPP concept as an option to procure and manage infrastructure; to scope the term for the purposes of the PPP Guide, and to explain its main characteristics.

This Foundation Course includes the relevance and features of a proper PPP framework and the entire PPP process cycle, including a description of each of the phases that constitutes the process from a practical perspective. One additional objective of the Foundation Course is to help to create a common ground for terminology regarding PPPs and the PPP process.


  • Executive decision makers
  • Senior government employees
  • Private sector practitioners involved with infrastructure and service delivery
  • Finance, economics, legal, procurement, environmental, risk and engineering practitioners.


  • Introducing and scoping the PPP concept
  • Alternatives for infrastructure finance and procurement
  • Types of PPP and nomenclature issues
  • Where PPPs are used
  • Infrastructure sectors
  • Motivations for using PPPs
  • Typical structure of a PPP
  • How PPPs are financed
  • Reasons for project failure
  • Introduction to the PPP framework concept
  • An overview of the PPP process

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